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Noreen Heron and Associates is Apollo's press representative. Please contact Kate Hughes at, or Katharine Nichols at, or call (773) 569-5200 for all press questions and requests.

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Auditorium Theatre 125th Anniversary Press Release
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Handel's Messiah:
The Apollo Chorus has been performing this glorious masterpiece for Chicago since 1879, a track record unmatched in the city of Chicago. The Chicago Tribune hailed our 2012 performance as a "venerable holiday tradition" performed with "an exultant spirit that came from the heart." In 1907, Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center became Apollo's anchor for this annual performance. Since 2000, Apollo has performed the entire score, half of it from memory. Musical Conductor Stephen Alltop conducts the entire piece from memory and without a score.

2013-2014 Reviews and Commendations:
2014 New City review by Aaron Hunt:

"... Alltop's unbroken track record for training his chorus to express such varieties of style and color that it rivals any other in the city." 

2013 LASPLASH review: 

"...It is probably clichéd at this point for those who have seen them, particularly in performance of this work, to commend their talent, their effort, and their cohesion in singing, but just because excellence is routine or expected, it should not be taken as commonplace...Apollo deserves a hearty commendation."